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The data on public sites accessibility provided by Maps without Barries app are open to be used. They are publised under Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). Provided that you quote Maps without Barries and its contributors as a source, this license allows you to copy, distribute, publicly share and edit our data. If you edit our data or use it to complete a work of your own, you have to propagate and distribute it under the same license. You will find more concerning your righs and obligations in the full license agreement at

Both the application’s source codes and graphical components fall under a Creative Commons license – CC BY-NC 4.0. It means that you can share and edit them on condition that you quote the source and avoid commertcal use. For more information see

How to get data?

The API specification is to be found at However, you can also get the data interactivelly directly from our map. Using a filter select an object with the desired data and in the left-bottom part of the screen choose Export. The required data can be downloaded in XMLJSON, and CSV formats.

It can be acquired in form of linked data through the end-point at or as a dump in Turtle format.

To get more information and understanding see our forms concerning Object Accessibility Categorization Methodology used for mapping objects.

How to get source codes?

All source codes are accessible on GitHub.

Sites using our data

Do you operate a website using our data? Let us know!


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