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“Maps without barriers” will help with the planning of trips and holidays

“Maps without barriers” is a complementary project of Konto Bariéry – a project of Nadace Charty 77 (Foundation Charter 77) which provides complex help. Its aim is to help people with limited mobility plan their trips and holiday travels. Within this project, the accessibility of nearly 600 objects all around the country should be mapped by the end of 2015. Special attention will be paid to national cultural monuments and other objects of tourist interest.

The project is based on real demand of disabled people for whom it is currently very difficult to find the necessary information on their tourist destinations. A person who likes to travel but has a handicap is forced to spend a lot of time before each trip looking for information that fully mobile people don’t even think of – is there barrier-free access to the monument? Is there a suitable parking facility? Are there grab rails at the toilets? Such planning is, however, not limited only to disabled people; active pensioners, families with babies in prams or other people with limited mobility will also appreciate the availability of such information.

The project will create a platform for mapping organizations as well as for entities who have already mapped or intend to map their objects. It will provide them with resources for the publication of measured data according to the Open Data Publication Methodology of the Czech Public Administration. Complex accessibility data will be available from one point using an open licence. The creators of both new and existing services can therefore easily implement them in their products which means that the measurement data can quickly get to end users.

Data measurement and availability

Selected objects will be visited by specialists who will use ready-made forms to record data important for people with limited mobility – e.g. door width, the availability and (if available) slope of wheelchair ramps, the dimensions of elevator cages and/or the accessibility and equipment of toilets. The measured data will be made available to both organizations and individuals using an open licence. The information recorded will be available in a “Maps without barriers” web application and, thanks to the open licence, also in other applications that are already in use today.

Project funding and partners

The project is financed by European Union funds under European Regional Development Fund. The partners of the project are the Association of Regions of the Czech Republic, the Union of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic and the City of České Budějovice.

We would also like to thank all the other entities and organizations participating in the preparation of the project:


Initiative for transparent data

Department of Information and Knowledge Engineering of the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics at the University of Economics (VŠE) in Prague

Prague Organisation of Wheelchair Users

Project is supported by

IOP - Kvalita života Integrovaný operační program Evropský fond pro regionální rozvoj Ministerstvo pro místní rozvoj ČR


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